THE MAPHIS  Price - $7500* - includes plush lined case.

Many long hours goes into the creation of these one of a kind, made-to-order guitars. I use only the best quality materials available from the curly maple, ebony and rosewood to the hardware.

The Maphis will be constructed to resemble the original doubleneck guitar made for Joe Maphis by Semie Moseley in the mid 1950's. There can be some specifications requested by the customer but the final shape, configuration and color will be the decision of TNM. No two are ever exactly alike. The goal of my efforts is to continue the line of these very special guitars. Semie Moseley made only a few of this type. So far only 7 have been accounted for- Joe Maphis', Larry Collins' Doyle Hart's (see news page) Bob Regan, Doyle Hart, Doug Brewer, Walt Rogers, and Elaine Frizzell was fortunate to get one in 1984.. (If there are others I would be very pleased to here about it.) Much later Semie made Joe a second doubleneck when the original went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Larry Collins recieved a second guitar in 1988. Both of these were far less adorned than the originals.

At present there are 2 types of peg head design options: The six on a side version, like the very first model presented to Joe Maphis in 1954, (like my prototype) or the "M" head design that appeared about 1 year later and became the hallmark of the Mosrite look. The tremolo would be similar to the Mosrite Celebrity. Supplied by Bob Shade of Hallmark Guitars. If an original Celebrity tailpiece is preferred this would be acquired at extra cost. The bridges are a modified Rickenbacker type with rosewood saddles as original. Now based on the Hallmark bridge.

*A word about the pickups. The original pickups used on the first iteration by Semie were supplied by Carvin. These are getting very hard to come by. . . If you would prefer to have original Carvin pickups on your guitar we would have to start looking to buy vintage Carvins and harvest the pickups. No telling what the cost would be. Otherwise, reproduction pickups, wound to original specs by Bob Shade of Hallmark Guitars would be used.



Body: 16. inch - Hollow

Scale: Main neck - Choice of scale
          Octave neck - 14.625

Frets: Medium gauge (like Fender)

Tuners: Grover Imperial 3x3 - Grover mini locking -inline 6

Pickups: Hand made to resemble and sound like the
              original Carvin AP-6

Bridges: Modified Hallmark or other at additional cost

Tremolo: Modified Hallmark - look very similar to the
               Mosrite Celebrity

Case: Plush lined hard shell case.

Options: Violin Tailpiece - add $250.00
              Bigsby B50 Tremolo (requires Schaller Roller Bridges,                 included) - add $280.00
                  with Chet handle - add 60.00

A word of thanks to two special people that got me started making these special guitars again..

Deke Dickerson that resurrected my second doubleneck, originally made for Ernie Odum in 1959. He restored it and toured world wide, exposing this fascinating, over-the-top guitar to thousands of people that may have never seen one before, or, reminding the fans of Joe Maphis and Larry Collins of a time past.

Because of Deke, I started making a new doubleneck in my spare time (SN003). I think it was about 1999. I worked on it for years. . . never quite finishing it (until 2004). Enter Buddy Dughi.

Buddy Dughi, leader of the Hot Rod Trio, lead guitar of Suzy Q and her Be-Bop Boys (which features his beautiful wife Suzy). Buddy is an intense collector and historian of Joe Maphis and all things doubleneck. I'm not sure how many doublenecks Buddy has at present (He recently divested a mint condition Mosrite JM65) but supplies most of the instruments for the doubleneck extravaganza that Deke Dickerson puts on at his Guitar Geek Festivals the last few years.

Buddy, being a friend of Deke Dickerson had seen the recent restoration of the TNM Custom doubleneck. I guess it was something that he would like to have because he started calling me to get one built for him. He was persistant and persuasive, after a few calls I said I would make him one. I thank him now for his persistence. Making these replicas of Semie Moseley's masterpiece is an honor. I am proud to carry on the tradition.

I build these guitars as a tribute to my mentor Semie Moseley and to my guitar picker idol, Joe Maphis. May they both rest in peace.

Please Call or E me for more info.

Terry McArthur 615 288 4489

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