I don't get into repairs or remodelling that often but here is a set of new necks for Brian Lonbecks rare JM65 limited edition Mosrite.

Recent and Vintage Photo Gallery
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NAMM and Deke's Geek Fest #6 - 2009

Finale of the All Mosrite Band - Geek Fest #6

Larry Collins tormenting R.C. Allen

Brian Lonbeck and Larry Collins
Brian Lonbeck and Larry Collins - Comparing notes

Brian Lonbeck at Deke's Guitar Geek 2009

TerryTNM, Buddy Dughi, Brian Lonbeck
This was a great treat for me. . . playing with Buddy
Dughi and Brian Lonbeck at the Geek Fest. Thanks Deke.

Last time to play Alan's Town Hall before presenting it later that eve.

Alan Mills, Larry Collins, and myself with Town Hall #2

Larry Collins and Buddy Dughi compare notes. Mosrite and TNM Guitar B D Special
Larry Collins and Buddy Dughi - doubleneck salute. It looks like the
TNM BD Special on Larry's T-shirt What the. . .

Me and my wife Elsie - DDGGF 6. I couldn't make these without her.

Buddy and Suzy at NAMM
Buddy and Suzy playing at the Gretsch booth at NAMM. Where's
the TNM?

Dana Moseley and Terry McArthur TNM
Dana Moseley, dauther of Semie Moseley, and myself at NAMM.
I hadn't seen Dana since 1959 when she was just a little toddler
at Semie's home in the SF Valley

Semie Moseley's family circa 1957.

Bob Regan's Doubleneck Mosrite
In need of full restoration, recently uncovered at Andy Moseley's

This was a very special day. Christmas morning 1955.
I was 13 years old and received this brand new Gibson
ES 225T I could hardly believe it. I was a very lucky kid.

A couple of neat photos sent in by Elaine Frizzell.

Elaine Frizzell and Brian Lonbeck

Elaine Frizzell on the doubleneck playing for
Susan Ray

These great photos below were supplied by Brian Lonbeck.
Brian played for many years with The Mandrell Sisters
and is a life-long Mosrite picker. And the best dang Joe
Maphis clone around. (One of these days I might be able
to convert him to a mighty TNM) Enjoy these photos of
the early days with Barbara Mandrell, Semie Moseley,
Joe and Rose Lee Maphis and Elaine Frizzell (one of the
very few that is fortunate to have an original Joe Maphis
Mosrite Special).

Brian Lonbeck and Barbara Mandrell
Brian Lonbeck and Barbara Mandrell - The 2 on 1 schtick. August 1963

Brian Lonbeck and Hero Joe Maphis
Brian Lonbeck doing doubleneck battle with hero Joe Maphis

Elaine Garton and Brian Lonbeck
Elaine Frizzell and Brian Lonbeck-

Rose Lee Mahis, Brian Lonbeck, Semie Moseley, Elaine Frizzell

Guitars of Joe Maphis and Elaine Garton
The guitars of Joe Maphis and Elaine Frizzell (1988)

Joe Maphis, Semie, and Brian Lonbeck
Rose Lee and Joe Maphis, Semie and Brian. Joe obviously not well. (May 85)

Joe and Brian "pick one" - Joe playing Elaine Garton's guitar. (May 85)

Semie and Brian

Semie Moseley and Brian at the NAMM show. (Date unknown)
Semie Moseley and Brian Lonbeck at NAMM show. Date unknown.

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