Brian Lonbeck Mosrite JM65 with TNM Necks

I don't get into repairs or remodelling that often but here is a set of new necks for Brian Lonbecks rare JM65 limited edition Mosrite.

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2 of my favorite people - My wife Elsie and our dear friend Alan Mills.


Congratulations to our good friends Monique Mills and Lloyd Mills on the
birth of their first child. BabyTed sporting his first TNM blanky.


Walt Rogers was one of the lucky ones to have a genuine Mosrite Special
Doubleneck built for him in 1961. As with most of Semie's cusom guitars
when they returned to him for adjustment or repair he would do a complete
udate on them as he did in 1966 for Walt's as well. Thanks Walt for sharing
these great photos with us.

NASHVILLE, TN - January, 2013 - Our good friend Lloyd Mills visiting from the UK
had his new 25L15 Standel amp delivered from Danny McKinney to our house.
What a treat to play through. Someday I'll have one of these. Lloyd now has
the perfect combo - The mighty "Maphis" TNM and the fabled Standel Amp.
(Nice T-Shirt)

The croud is treated to the unmistakeable sound of the TNM Maphis and a
25L15 Standel Amplifier. Nothing campares. . .

New Promo Photo for The Corvairs, keeping rock and roll alive in the Gilroy area
of California. Gary Lafaille, Erik Hoyer, Patti D, Al Kruger and Frank Plesek.
(Maphis Sn006) Check out their videos:

Our friend Billy D Light (Maphis SN008)- Lighting up the stage. (heh, heh, heh)

LONDON, UK - Lloyd Mills at The Blues Shack with bevy of fans attracted to
the mighty TNM (SN009).


NASHVILLE, TN - March 12, 2012 - The Marty Stuart Show - Deke Dickerson and
Kenny Vaughan play a doubleneck tribute to Joe Maphis and Larry Collins. Deke
on the mighty TNM and Kenny on Jody Maphis's Mosrite. Playing Early American.

NASHVILLE, TN - July 14, 2012- Center Stage Downtown - Playing at this famous
old venue for the Mosrite "ReBirth" Concert sponsored by Filmore Guitars with
Dana Moseley.

Jody Maphis, Brian Lonbeck, Nokie Edwards and Thom Bresh.

Brent Mason, Brian Lonbeck, Dana Moseley, Nokie Edwards and Thom Bresh.


NASHVILLE, TN - July 14, 2012 - CAAS, the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society, an
annual event that features some of the finest fingerstyle players on earth. Our
friend Ray Cummins did us the honor of playing a bit on the TNM M-5. Ray's
playing is the closest I've ever heard to capture the tone and feeling of Chet
Atkins. Thanks Ray. We'll see you again next year.

Alan Mills official portrait
North Hill, CA - Alan Mills sports new Jamie custom made jacket . . . WOW

Historical moment for Lloyd Mills (right) at Standel Amp Company. Myself and
Alan (left) and Lloyd Mills meet Danny "Sage" McKinney (with shades) at the plant. It's a big day for Lloyd. The long anticipated order is placed for a 25L15 Model to go along with his SN009 Maphis. What a great afternoon we had browsing the historical amplifiersand hearing the history from Danny himself.

New TNM T-shirts spotted at feeding trough. NAMM 2012.

Albert Lee stops by the TNM booth at the Deke Fest 2012. Admires the Town
Hall model.

TNM line-up at Guitar Geek Fest 2012. CORRAL displayed during construction.

Just received from my long lost friend Ernie Odum. A photo of myself with TNM SN001. Ernie and I just reconncted after 35+ years. The photo was marked May 1959. Taken in front of his parents house in Venice, CA.

NEW! Just unearthed! My old friend Ernie Odum SN002 (pre Deke Dickerson)
sent me some vintage photos of our early days. We recently reconnected after
some 35 years.

Lloyd Mills, Crazy Joe Tritchler and Deke Dickerson at Hot Rod Hayride
Lloyd Mills, "Crazy Joe" Tritchler, Alan MIlls and Deke Dickerson meet up in the
UK at rockabilly bash "Hot Rod Hayride"

Lloyd Mills and Crazy Joe Tritchler Lloyd and "Crazy Joe"

Where does this stuff come from? Buddy Dughi's latest aquisition. An exact re-
creation of the Grady Martin Bigsby doubleck proped against his tripleneck
Bigsby steel. Holy smokes . . . what next?

ALAN MILLS - The Early Years. UK Rocker 'getting down' Year and venue?

Gary Lambert, guitar legend, pickin since the 50's with Glen Glenn, Merle, Joe, Deke
seen here accompanying one of the finest players on earth - Richard Smith at the
Coffee Gallery in Altadena, CA

ANAHEIM, CA - Juke Joint - Jan 2009- Alan Mills and Buddy Dughi blast away on
their TNM's.

ANAHEIM, CA - GUITAR GEEK FEST 2011 - Rockabilly ledgend Glen Glenn atDeke's annual "Guitar Mania" festival. Glen was here to honor luthier R. C. Allen. 50+ years of custom guitars. Glen brought his modified Gibson with a"Bigsby" R. C. neck.

This is a masterful recreation of the Jimmy Bryant landmark recording of
Little Rock Getaway.

Deke Dickerson with TNM Custom,
VAN NUYS, CA - 1999 - Deke Dickerson brings his recently restored TNM, to my
cabinet shop where doubleneck 003 is being created. Originally made for Ernie
Odum in 1959,The restoration of 002 took over a year with several artisan's
involved including Steve Soste and R.C. Allan. It's seen heavy use since this
photo was taken and could probably use some makeup. Through it all it still
sounds fantastic. I just found this photo in an old box of stuff.

NORTH HILLS - April 17, 2011 - Buddy Dughi's triple-neck Bigsby comes to life.

NASHVILLE -July 2008 - The first meeting of Jody Maphis, son of
guitar legend Joe Maphis and guitarist extraordinare Tommy
Emmanuel at annual Chet Atkins fan club meeting other wise known
as CAAS.

Paul Pigat and Alan Mills meet at the Juke Joint
ANAHEIM, CA - THE JUKE JOINT - Jan. 2011 - Big Noise from Vancouver, Paul
Pigat (left) meets Alan Mills at the legendary Anaheim hang-out. Paul played a
masterful hard-rocking set. His put-together-for-that-evening band were
exceptional musicians and arrangements were tighter than Dick's hat band.

TNM Guitars doubleneck summit. Brian Longbeck, Deke Dickerson, Gary Lambert and Bryan Browne
Doubleneck Summit 2008 - Brian Lonbeck, Deke Dickerson, Gary Lambert and Bryan Browne

Tex Williams Western Village, Newhall, CA
Tex Williams Village - Saugus, CA
Tex Williams Western Village - Newhall, CA - As it looks today. Not as famous
as the old Town Hall Party building but was host to many of the same big name
stars. Probably destine for the wrecking ball when sold, is now a dilapidated
auto repair business. Joe Maphis played my #2 doubleneck here.

Jaime's - Custom Tailor - North Hollywood -The heir to the Nudie, the Rodeo
Tailor legacy. Still making the over-the-top high fashion western dud's for the
likes of Marty Stuart, Billy Gibbons, K D Lang, Dwight Yocum, and many others.
Pictured: My wife Elsie and Alan Mills (bursting at the seams. . . to get in).

Recent visit to the Lankershim Blvd - country music Mecca - The Palomino.
Once the hottest country nite club on the west coast. Now a rental hall for
wedding receptions and the like. Enjoying there tour is Lloyd and Alan Mills.

Alan Mills, Johnny Hiland and Lloyd Mills - NAMM 2008

My wife Elsie, James Burton and Alan Mills - NAMM 2008

New band portrait for our friends The Corvairs - Frank Plesek, Gary Lafaille, Erik Hoyer, Patti D, Al Kruger

Verntures Mania at Crazy Jack's Burbank, CA
Ventures Mania at Crazy Jack's - Burbank, CA - Deke Disckerson, Garret Immel, Nokie Edwards, Mel Bergman and Chris Sprague.

Joe Robinson at Trout's Bakersfield
New guitar hero Joe Robinson back stage at Trout's in Bakersfield

Joe Robinson and Brian Lonbeck
Joe Robinson and Brian Lonbeck at Buck Owens Crystal Palace - Bakersfield

Trou'ts Bakersfield
The famous "Trout's" honkytonk in Bakersfield

Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival 2010

TNM Guitars at the Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek 2101
TNM display at Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival 2010. Introducing the GENTRY and the CORRAL

June Arno, Brian Lonbeck and Elsie McArthur
Picker Brian Lonbeck with June Arno and my wife Elsie. GGF 2010

Elsie McArthur, Suzy Dughi
Elsie McArthur and Suzy Dughi

Dana Moseley and Terry McArthur TNM Guitars
Dana Moseley and myself - Guitar Geek Fest 2010

Dan Shepard and Myself at Guitar Geek Fest 2010

Alan Mills, Elaine, Frizzell, Lloyd Mills Deke Dickerson Geek Fest 2010
Alan Mills, Elaine Frizzell, Lloyd Mills - Elaine plays Frank Plesak's "Maphis" at Geek Fest

Deke Dickerson's Gutar Geek Festival 2010- All 12 String Band

Buddy and Suzy Geek Fest 2010
Buddy and Suzy Dughi in stunning attire, ready for their performance.

Buddy and Suzy Geek Fest 2010
Our friends Buddy and Suzy on stage at the GUITAR GEEK FEST 2010

Gary Lambert, Wayne LaFarr, Terry McArthur, Thome Bresh, Lloyd Mills, Brian Lonbeck
Gary Lambert, Wayne LaFarr, Terry McArthur, Thom Bresh, Lloyd Mills, Brian Lonbeck NAMM 2010

Thom Bresh with TNM Guitars, Aphex, Namm 2010
Thom Bresh picks the TNM Town Hall - Aphex booth NAMM 2010

Gary Lambert at Aphex, NAMM 2010
Gary Lambert with the TNM Town Hall at APHEX booth - NAMM 2010

Brian Lonbeck and Gary Lambert at Aphex, NAMM 2010
Brian Lonbeck and Gary Lambert - Aphex booth, NAMM 2010

Terry McArthur TNM Guitars, Bob Shade, Lloyd Mills
Hallmark Guitars NAMM 2010 - Myself, Bob Shade, Lloyd Mills

Doyle Dykes NAMM 2010
Doyle Dykes at the Taylor Booth - NAMM 2010 - One of the Best!

Joe Maphis and Semie Moseley
Joe Maphis and Semie Moseley at the Palamino Club - N. Hollywood

Don Hunt Jr. with the Note Ropers
Don Hunt Jr. with the Note Ropers.

Sun Recording Studios
Sun Rocords - at least 1955!

Garry Lambert and Glen Glenn
Gary Lambert and Glen Glenn

Deke Dickerson, Ponderosa Stomp
Deke at Ponderosa Stomp

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