Here are some progress photos of Serial #005 and #006
Jim Katz - 005
Frank Plesek - 006

The two body shapes are not the same. Similar, but uniquely different.
There will also be variation in the design of some of the inlays as well.

Jim Katz body plates with main neck.

Frank Plesek's body plates, master template and Grover Imperials

Getting the pick guards and sleeve guards laid out for the inlays.

That's right. Jim Katz double neck says "Rhythm & Bluesy" in the necks.

Frank opted for the more traditional personal names implanted.

Sleeve guards finished

Jim's Pick guard complete.

Frank's pick guard complete.

Cutting and fitting the 72+ vine and leaf inlays in the rosewood headcaps
is quite time consuming.

You may have noticed that the small "Rhythm" neck has accommodations
for 8 machine heads. Jim's sn005 will have a mandolin top neck.

This picture is kind of a milstone for me. All the inlays for both guitars
are finished . . . Yipee!

I've used a different type style for these two guitars.