Archive 2009

NORTH HILLS, CA - November 2009, The all new CORRAL. Right out of the bunkhouse. Western-Rodeo attitude with the sound to make it the top buckaroo in any honky-tonk or road house in town. See photos and specs.


NORTH HILLS, CA - October 1, 2009 - TNM Guitars proudly introduces the next Classic
in the TOWN HALL line - Here is the GENTRY. The Uptown Cousin, all decked out
in it's Classic simplicity. Go to the GENTRY PHOTOS page for more information.


The Deke Dickerson 7th Annual Guitar Geek Festival will sell out fast. Take a look at the incredible line up this year then secure your tickets today.

NORTH HILLS, CA - November 15, 2009 - Mike Brown has ordered the first "CORRAL" With not even a full picture of it on the TNM site. What he could see was so captivating he just had to have one. We're going to build it with chrome hardware and there will be a special Southwest mini painting on the tailpiece by Mike's brother. Full photo coverage of the new CORRAL model should be up soon. Thank you Mike.


What could be better - a TNM doubleneck, a Standel amp and a canine fan club.

AND YET ANOTHER "BIG BODY" shows up. This full featured doubleneck came to light on Ebay. Not the guitar but as a photo only. An unknown guitar to those that keep track of such things. It is the first  6/12 to surface. Estimated to have been made in the 80's. Does anyone know of Bill Bartlett or where he might be these days? It would be a major find.

Mosrite double neck 6/12

NORTH HILLS, CA - August 27, 2009 - A revision in doublneck history. Add one more
Joe Maphis type double neck to the count. Doug Brewer as a young man in early 60's
Bakersfield became the 5th recipient of these Semie masterpieces. Doug and Danny
Ellison (from the Mosrite Forum) and Adam Tober stopped by TNM for a visit.

DON HUNT from S. Carolina has commissioned The Maphis SN012. Thank you kindly.
We'll be putting our shoulder to the wheel shortly. It should be completed Spring 2010.
I'll have the progress link up soon. Progress photos.


ALAN MILLS - Performing in London. No further informaion


NORTH HILLS, CA July 19, 2009 - Mike Brown receives his TNM Maphis. Bryan Browne (SN010) was on hand to welcome Mike into the TNM family. Mike's guitar features the inline 6 heads and the 1st ever Bigsby tremolo with violin tailpiece. See finished photos


Nashville - CAAS July 2009 - Bryan Browne plays the Mighty TNM in his set at the
annual Chet Atkins Society gathering. In attendance was Jody Maphis, who last year gave Bryan his dad's (Joe Maphis) guitar strap. In this photo Bryan is playing Flying Fingers
one of Joe's anthems .

Billy D. Light
on stage and on fire

Phil Emmanuel and Bryan Browne

Down Under

Bryan Browne and Phil Emmanuel at the
Tamworth Country
Music Festival in Australia






Anaheim, CA - January 17, 2009 Alan Mills, right off the plane from the UK, receives his TNM Town Hall SN02 at the start of NAMM week. Alan introduced his new baby at the nearby Juke Joint nightclub during a guest appearance with Buddy and Suzy (Mr and Mrs Rockabilly) Finished photos of Alan's guitar

Alan and Larry Collins
Brian Lonbeck