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Ultimate Rockabilly Doubleneck

Buddy Dughi Special TNM Guitars
BD Special, Buddy Dughi Special, TNM Guitars



Santa Ana, CA - November 14, 2008
Buddy Dughi plays his new signature doubleneck - the BD Special for the first time. 3/4 size (compared to The Maphis) with thin line necks and a short 23 1/2" scale main neck. This guitar is built for speed and comfort, at only 8.5 lbs. Plus all the rockabilly panache you can handle.     Click Here For Photos


Buddy Dughi Special, BD Special, TNM Guitars

North Hills, CA - November 8, 2008- Mike Brown and his wife Norma made a visit to the TNM shop. Mike recently placed an order for his own TNM - Maphis - SN011. Body and neck wood have been glued up and some of the pickguard inlays have been started. (see progress) We'll begin in earnest shortly when a couple of other projects are complete.

     Mike plays the Mighty TNM

Long Lost No More- The octave neck that was removed from Joe Maphis' original doubleneck Mosrite Special in the early 60's has been found. Kept as a souvenir and mounted as an interior door handle on the Maphis' motorhome was thought to be lost with the unit when it was sold sometime in the mid 80's. Thankfully it has survived. Rescued by Andy Moseley before the sale. A few months ago it was unearthed by Elaine Frizzell who was helping out Andy Moseley at his home when she found it tucked away in some long forgotten box of Mosrite odds and ends. Elaine unveiled it for the first time in decades at the CAAS 2008 show in Nashville this past July.

Joe Maphis octave neck
Joe Maphis octave neck
Joe Maphis octave neck
Terry McArthur TNM Guitars with Joe Maphis octave neck
This is such a unique piece of Mosrite history. I for one am very pleased to see that at least one piece of the original guitar has survived. We must comment however that this neck is the same neck that was originally made with the 6 inline tuners. Still visible on the back of the head is the plugged holes and old glue-up lines from the very first design of 1954. It was about a year later that the 3x3 headstock was created. Andy has no recollections of what might have become of the main neck. It's still listed as lost. Perhaps to be unearthed as well someday.

The 1963 re-necked and remodeled Joe Maphis Mosrite Special is on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. This little neck may not be seen again for quite some time. - Thanks Elaine

MISSION HILLS, CA Picture was taken July 19, 2008 - This is the former home and shop of Semie Moseley from 1955 - 1959. Located at the NE corner of Haskell Ave. and Index St. I was fortunate to be able to watch and eventually assist Semie with many of his custom guitar projects in 1958-59. These were the pre-Ventures days. There were 2 garages and one out building. He also used the dining room table to wind his pickups. Semie moved from here and about 6 months later opened a new shop in Bakersfield. The rest of the story is legendary. Unfortunately, I never saw Semie again.

Semie Moseley residence from 1955-1959

BAKERSFIELD, CA - July 20,2008 A doubleneck summit sprung to life at historic Narduchi's Bar. The fabulous Bobby Durham with the Bakersfield Sound Band invited Bryan Browne, guitar whiz from Australia, just here from the CAAS event in Nashville to sit in. Brian Lonbeck, lead guitar from the band and young Bryan meet for an unforgettable guitar exhibition that drew a standing ovation from the house. Great show you guys.
Brian Lonbeck and Bryan Browne
Bryan Lonbec and Bryan Browne

Brian and Bryan - Fire On The Strings
Brian and Bryan - Flying Fingers

NORTH HILLS, CA July 17, 2008 Bryan Browne receives his TNM Maphis. SEE PHOTOS
Bryan Browne with TNM doubleneck

CAAS 2008 July 9-12 The annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society event held in Nashville. We just love this show. 4 days of pickin' and grin'n. It's wall to wall with the best fingerpickers and flat pickers on the planet. One of our personal favorites is Bryan Browne. Bryan will be picking up his TNM SN 010 this week but did us the honor of playing our single neck Town Hall at several of the shows. Bryan, now 14, amazed the crowd of mainly accomplished guitar pickers with his ever growing mastery of the instrument. Here he is playing a Joe Maphis staple - Flying Fingers - don't try this at home.

Bryan Browne Town Hall TNM CAAS 2008

We also had the honor of meeting Jody Maphis. Jody, the son of guitar giant Joe Maphis. You won't meet a nicer guy. Jody was pleased that Bryan had chosen Joe as one of his idol's. Bryan played several of Joe's familiar hot tracks for us in the lobby that soon created a small crowd including Gary Lambert and Thom Bresh.. Jody and Thom played the Town Hall a bit too. Thom Bresh got his video camera out and featured Bryan in a BDTV short film from CAAS. (The Town Hall looks and sounds pretty good too)
Bryan Brown TNM Town Hall CAAS 2008

Jody Maphis with the Town Hall TNM Thom Bresh picks on the TNM Town Hall

The next day we got together again. Jody Maphis brought his mom, Rose Lee Maphis to meet Bryan and see him play the blistering guitar anthems that made her husband Joe so famous. Bryan did a great job and was honored to play for them. The Maphis family surprised both my self and Bryan with special gifts. Jody presented me with one of Joe's custom belt buckles. Rosewood with MOP inlays with "Joe Maphis" in the center. Bryan was presented with Joe's actual doubleneck guitar strap! Holy Smokes, what an afternoon. Thank you both so much for your incredible generosity and hospitably. We were further honored, being invited to their home on the Sunday before we had to come home. Bless you both.

Jody Maphis with Terry McArthur TNM
Jody Maphis presents Bryan Browne with Joe's doubleneck strap.Jody Maphis with Bryan Browne
Rose Lee Maphis with Bryan Browne and his new strap.
Rose Lee Maphis with Bryan Browne

April 6, 2008 - Our friend Deke Dickerson has acquired perhaps the finest example of the vintage boutique Standel amplifier on the planet. Hand built by Bob Crooks in 1954 for Don Snow, a steel guitar enthusiast who just "had to have one" after playing through his teachers Standel.. Number 32 had been in his loving possession all these years. One of the very few that was still owned by the original purchaser. Trimmed out just like Joe Maphis' in green Naugahyde. Offered on eBay at the beginning of April, Deke had to overcome several rabid bidders and came out victorious with a record final bid.

Don Snow with his Standel AmplifierDeke Dickerson seals Standel amp deal with Don SnowStandel Amp Deke Dickerson

March 2008 - 400 S. Long Beach Blvd., Compton, CA. - Who could tell these days that the beloved home of West Coasts Country/Western, and Rockabilly royalty once held this land where their castle stood strong. Yes friends, this is where, long ago stood the old Town Hall where Town Hall Party once ruled supreme.

Town Hall party location 400 s. Long Beach Blvd. Compton, CA  Photo submitted by Buddy Dughi - If you copy this please give credit

January 19, 2008 - The Town Hall - TNM's new single neck makes debut at the Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival.

The Town Hall guitar at Deke Dickerson Geek Festival 5
Town Hall Guitar Pictures
Buddy Dughi checks out the new Town Hall during set-up. It was impossible to get any pictures during the event. This was the largest turn out to date. The place was packed.

Headlining - The Collins Kids with their first Southern California appearance for over a decade really brought the enthusiasts out. Larry and Lorrie saluted Rose Lee Maphis and the other Town Hall Party attendees. Brian Lonbeck, another old friend of Rose Lee also paid tribute to her as well. Deke had invited as many of the original Town Hall Party cast as could be found. Rose Lee Maphis, Marilyn Tuttle, Betty Anderson the wife of the late Les 'Carrot Top' Anderson and Bobby Charles. TNM was delighted to have them at our booth for the evening.

Rose Maphis Buddy and Suzy Dughi Geek Fest 5
Marilyn Tuttle, Suzy Dughi, Rose Lee Maphis and Buddy Dughi. Marilyn and Rose Lee, original performers on Town Hall Party were special guests at the Geek Fest.

Rose Lee Maphis sign autograph for Deke Dickerson
Rose Lee Maphis autographs vintage Town Hall Party album for Deke Dickerson (seated) talking with Betty Anderson.

Terry TNM Guitars with Rose Lee Maphis Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival
I was also fortunate to get a photo with Rose Lee. This was the first time I was able to show her my tribute "Maphis" guitar She is such a lovely lady. It was actually Rose that asked to get a picture of myself and the guitar. . . now how cool is that!

January 17, 2008 - Lloyd Mills receives his Maphis 009 right after arriving from the UK at our hotel for NAMM week.
Lloyd Mills 009 PICTURES

Next night Lloyd gave it a work out sitting in with Buddy and Suzy Dughi at the Juke Joint in Anaheim. Lloyd's dad Alan, joined the stage for a couple of numbers off his CD that brought the house to attention. Alan also surprised me with an order for The Town Hall. Thank you kindly guys.

Lloyd Mills
Alan Mills sings at the Juke JointLloyd, Alan, Buddy

All Aboard - Jan. 19, 2008
Deke Dickerson Guitar Geek Festival #5. The premiere guitar enthusiast event of the year will again be at the Jolly Roger Hotel adjacent to the NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center January 19, 2008 It's a must do event.

TNM Guitars will be proudly debuting Hope to see you all there.

Click on the poster for a bigger view.

Nov. 2007 - Billy D. Light in dramatic shot with his Maphis sn008 and red, event wrist band. Where was this taken?

Billy D. Light with TNM Guitar

Oct 2007 - Buddy Dughi (sn004) captures the look and
feel of the Town Hall Party days with full era dress and a
beautiful TNM Custom. What could be cooler! I want to see
you and Suzy live!

August 2007 - Bryan Browne, 13 year old guitar whizz from Australia has commisioned The Maphis #10 to be built.
Thank you kindly. Go to Bryan's MySpace page.

August 2007 - Brian Lonbeck - guitar picker extrordinaire and Joe Maphis master gets his custom TNM necks installed. Brian used to have a Mosrite doubleneck with his name when he was the lead guitar for the Barbara Mandrel Show. That guitar was stolen some 30+ years ago. Hope this brings back fond memories. See the progress pictures

June 2007 - Billy D. Light recieves his mighty TNM. Billy's got the extra pickup like Deke Dickerson's. Thank you kindly Billy. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the finished pix.

The day has finally arrived. The TNM is here!

Here's Billy's reaction - right out of the box!