Brian Lonbeck - New necks 

With all the demand for Brian Lonbeck to perfom the
Joe Maphis tribute show, Brian aquired a doubleneck
Mosrite JM65. One of only a scant 20+ ever made. Not his
first one, or even his second. Both of Brian's previous
Mosrite doublenecks were stolen.

Shortly after Brian got his new JM65 he asked me
to make new necks for it with his name in them like
his 1st doubleneck Mosrite he used when playing
with the Barbara Mandrell show.

Here are some of the progress shots.

That's Brian indicating where to
put the letters.

To meet the requirements of a very
thin neck, two 1/4" x 3/8" carbon
fiber rods were installed as well as
a truss rod.

Headcap inlay design is based on the
original Joe Maphis design.

The finish process will begin shortly.

Necks still need final polishing and
the tuning keys installed.