TOWN HALL SN003 - Under construdtion. Follow along as the
new TOWN HALL guitar is created.

Gathering the hardware and selected wood for the project. Only the finest
highest grade curly maple and the best hardware is used.


Cutting and placing for inlay the various MOP graphics.

Still need to cut the "TNM" logo and the ebony "M"

Pocket cut "thru"

Most inlays are complete with Town Hall Party logo on sleeve guard. . .
fingerboard "Star" inlays remain.

Hard" curly maple neck wood. 3 piece vertical grain with ebony feature strips.

The stabilization package includes 2 carbon fiber rods and a 2 way truss rod.

Head extensions are glued in place and leveled.

Pre bent binding is test fitted.

Fingerboard with star inlays glued on and 4 layers of binding w/b/w/b. Outer
binding will be applied after the frets go in.

Back Plate

Carve is started with a 1" cove bit that establishes the edge thickness.

Both the exterior and the interior are hand carved.

Rim is cut and check fitted.

Top rough carved..


Interior is carved and lateral truss installed

Rim glued to back

Interior receives a single brushed on coat of sealer.

Body glued up, Figerboard has received 14" radius, medium frets and final
outside white binding. Nut has not been slotted but has the unique spacer dots.

Body prepped for binding.

Body and contour guard fillers complete.


Ready for the finish process.
NOTE: Just got the holding jig from Stewart-McDonald. What a great aid for

A few more coats of Lawarence-McFadden Lacquer and it will be ready to cure
for the next month or so.