CORRAL #3 Being built for    Mike Brown - Oceanside, CA

A twelve string version of the CORRAL has been commisioned by
Mike Brown. A new concept head design was created for this new model.

Fingerboard inlays glue in with epoxy.

Body chambering done the old fashioned way. Forstner bit used to
hog out unwanted weight. Sound post/pillar left under bridge location.

Knotty Alder top with African Mahogany body.

Sleeveguard with "falling star" Indian folk art.

Composite 12 string tailpiece combined with Southwest Art Object.

Traditional cactus inlay in Bloodwood pick guard.

TV Jones "T Armonds" will do the magnetic vibration collection.

Checking parts fit and positioning.

Access holes cut and instrument pre-wired.

Light amber stain and filler on top plate. Note: snake inlay.

Brown stain and filler applied to rim, back and neck.

Corral 12 is waiting for the lacquer to cure. At least 4 weeks in my
heated shop with a lite breeze from a fan.