Our project starts with a brand new Martin D-28 straight from the factory.

Alan and Lloyd Mills have been suggesting this idea for a couple of years. . . to put a TNM neck on
a Martin guitar. Paul Bigsby and Semie Moseley did this type of transplant for several top country
and western artists in the 50's - Lefty Frizzell, Hank Thompson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Johnny Bond,
Rose Lee Maphis, Lorrie Collins and many more. Perhaps the most famous was the neck switch for
Merle Travis. The Martin Company recently commemorated that guitar with a reissue of the Merle
Travis Martin/Bigsby D-28. Thanks for trusting me again. Hope you enjoy it.

Let's get started. Before tackling the neck, custom 50's era pickguards were made to set the tone..

The new TNM headcap was adorned with period inlays.

The next step required the help of more experienced acoustic luthier's. The Martin was taken to
Joe Glazer's shop in Nashville for the neck removal.

Steam pump.

In under a half hour the neck was off! Thanks guys!

Neck wood glued up years ago for Town Hall #1 and subsequently
not used, Waverly's and Rosewood Fretboard, truss rod .

Star position markers were cut and inlaid.


A must build . . .a neck holding fixture to cut the dovetail tenon.

Headcap shaped using Town Hall template.

Waverly tuners were drilled and test fitted.

Gluing fingerboard to neck.

Fingerboard binding glued on.

Checking neck fit and angle. . . not glued in yet. Next steps will be frets and neck shaping.

Neck secured to holding fixture for shaping.

Frets are installed and just a bit more neck shaping to do. Getting close to the finish line.

Finished Portraits - Martin D-28 with TNM Town Hall neck

Martin/TNM made for Alan and Lloyd Mills - Alan Mills pictured below.