The Gibson/Mosrite Super 200 Story

A few photos of the process:

The head was pretty much original. Only thing missing
was the large truss cover.

Starting on the elaborate pickguard. I had a photo of
Joe and the guitar that is pretty straight on so it was
blown up and stretched and pulled a bit so it matched
the body contour, pickup positions and the screw holes
that were in the body from the original.

Black and white Plexiglas was cut. 1/16 black
1/8 white

The same photographic process was used to get the
correct size and details for the sleeve guard.

The "Swirl" on the original was made from crushed
mother of pearl in Lucite. Semie Moseley used this in
many of his early inlays including Joe's doubleneck.
To recreate this I used a similar product that I discovered
several years earlier and thought that someday it
would come in handy. And it did. My first use of it was
on the restoration of the Bob Regan Mosrite Special
where the headcaps and other inlays incorporated it.
Now it would become a major ingredient in this project.
The Lucite version has been long unavailable but I
found this very similar product at The Duke of Pearl.

Coming along nicely but still plenty to do.

Body and Neck were stripped and repaired as needed.

Jody dropped by.

Larry Collins and Jody dropped by.

Every piece was now fitted and ready for the finish.

A pair of stap hooks were fashioned and screwed in the
original holes.

And now it's show time.

Jody Maphis, looking so much like his father, debuts the newly restored Joe Maphis Gibson/Mosrite Super 200 at the induction ceremony of his parents, Joe and Rose Lee into the Mountain Maryland Country Music Hall of Fame.